In development

This website is currently undergoing development.

Not all featurs have been decided upon and new ideas may come along during development, but for now you can get idea of what this site will be by reading the next section

How it will work and purpose

The purpose of this website will be to provide Christian service for people to record all the blessings and other things which God has done for them in thier lives.

It is easy to overlook the good things when we are put into trials and have huge battles and disasters to face, so looking back upon a record reminds us just how much God has done for us

The idea behind this is to make a Diary entry which you then select an image for. You may wish to order your blessings by importance , so maybe pick one type of icon say the largest for most important.

After a short time you will build up a number of entries, which you can then see in graphical form which you can print out. There will also be an option to print single blessings out using custom pictureframe selection

Help Testing

If you would like to become a tester for this, then please send me an email to with a little about yourself and any kind of experience you have had testing.

Thank You